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What is a Vehicle Wrap?
A vehicle wrap is essentially a large vinyl graphic that is installed on the entire or partial surface of your vehicle. Using only the best 3M materials available, we meticulously apply the wrap in several sheets, working the material so it conforms perfectly with the vehicle, giving the appearance of paint!

Does a wrap have to be printed? What if I just want to change the color of my vehicle?
Absolutely not! Over the past few years, color change wraps have really taken off. With a huge selection of solid color, metallic, matte or specialty patterns available from 3M, many have taken notice of the many advantages a wrap has over paint. A wrap will not compromise the resale value of your vehicle like a custom paint job will. And if your vehicle is leased, paint is not an option. A wrap can be installed on your vehicle and removed when your lease is up.

Will a wrap damage the surface of my vehicle?
A wrap will not hurt the OEM finish of your vehicle. The adhesive on the wrap film is designed for a clean removal. In fact, most people find that a wrap actually protects your vehicle, thus increasing the resale value.

How long will the wrap last?
This all depends on how you care for the vehicle. A typical wrap will last 5 years or more. A vehicle that is kept indoors or out of constant direct sun will last longer. There are products available specifically for vehicle wraps that help polish and condition the vinyl, much like standard wax on a painted surface.

What if my vehicle is damaged in an accident?
No worries! We can re-print and install the damaged area after the body work has been completed. Your insurance might even pick up the bill!

How is a wrap removed?
The wrap film is designed for easy, clean removal, but we would recommend a professional as we are very familiar with the removal process and techniques.

Who designs the wrap?
Visual Effects takes a lot of pride in designing the most effective wrap advertising for our customers. There are many factors to consider when designing something that will be displayed on a complex, moving billboard. After discussing with you what you are looking to accomplish with your vehicle wrap, we will collect a deposit, and begin the design process. We will not begin designing until a deposit has been collected as this is a time consuming process that is just as, if not more important than any other aspect of an effective wrap.

What if I can not bring my vehicle to you?
This is not a problem! In fact, Visual Effects wraps most vehicles at the customer's location. All we require is a clean, indoor area with sufficient heat (if winter) and lighting.

How much does a wrap cost?
This is a complicated question as there are many factors that effect the price of the wrap, such as year, make and model of the vehicle, and the total area you wish to wrap. The best thing to do is contact us for a custom quote.

Can I see through the windows that have been wrapped?
You sure can! We use a special perforated vinyl that you can see out of, but not in.

What can a wrap be installed on?
We install wraps on all sorts of vehicles and items! We wrap cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, trailers, box trucks and any other surface that the vinyl will stick to! We have wrapped home appliances and even toilets! There's even material available to wrap over concrete walls, brick, or cinderblocks!

Does Visual Effects do more than vehicle wraps?
Heck yes! We offer our customers everything from signs to apparel! Need a logo or custom stationery? We will handle that too! Visual Effects is your one stop shop!

Why should Visual Effects wrap our vehicle?
Browse through our portfolio and testimonials page to see for yourself!

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